Welcome to our Virtual Book Fair!

Within these pages, I hope your sons will find some treasures to read this summer. Without a physical library, it has been a little hard to sustain our tight-knit reading community this year. All the librarians miss being able to physically hand books to the boys that we know they will love. It is all the more exciting that we will be opening a renovated and expanded Library Tech Commons in the fall! Just the thought of seeing boys and their families from across the grades enjoying our books fills me with hope and excitement. Although we can’t make personal book recommendations at this virtual book fair, we have updated our reading lists to include some brand new titles. Of course, tried and tested favorites also feature heavily. This year, we have four reading lists instead of three, which will better serve the boys as we move to two divisions. If there is required reading for a grade, it is listed at the top of each reading list. Remember to look for books that are required for the grade your son is entering. Donating a book to the library has always been a special activity at our book fair, and this is something you can still do! There is a donation link on this website, and boys will be invited to stop by the library to fill out a donation plate and choose a book to put it inside when we return to school in the fall. As we wind down for the summer, we will be reminding the boys that books are one of the best ways to keep improving reading, writing and spelling skills. More important than that, books provide a great boost to our well-being, allowing us to escape, imagine, and walk in somebody else’s shoes. Books have always been our friends, now more so than ever!

Sarah Kresberg
Director, Library Tech Commons